Town Tours Cleveland
Where Locals Show You the City

Where Locals Show You Around the City

Town Tours Cleveland


Town Tours is Here to Show You the City!

Town Tours Cleveland is here to show you the exciting, historic and fascinating parts of the City of Cleveland.

All of our tours, whether they are conducted by foot or by auto, are led by native Clevelanders, each who have a passion for the history and diversity and culture of the city they grew up in.

Think you know about Cleveland? You may very well be surprised by what you learn, what you see, what you taste and what you discover when you take one of our tours led by our expert team of guides. We guarantee you a wonderful time.


Types of Tours We Offer

Foot/Walking Tours

These are great tours to really see the city on the ground, and to go to places sometimes off the beaten path. You will be guided around by one of our expert guides as though you were a personal guest of theirs.

Bucket List Tours

These are tours for those who have the desire to do something that they have on their bucket list, but don’t quite know how to get that thing completed. We can help you achieve this, and check it off your bucket list.

Food and Drinking Tours

What better way to experience a city than by tasting what it has to offer. These tours will give you both a history of an area, and a taste of our gastronomic and spirited culture, showing you by letting all of your senses really feel it.

VIP Tours/Personalized Tours

VIP and Personalized tours will let you choose the type of tour you want, and if you want to go behind the scenes of a special location, or have a personalized tour for a special day, then let us help you create that.

Driving tours

Our driving tours are meant for groups of 8 or less, and take you throughout the city and the Northeast Ohio area to visit sights that really delve into the culture and the history of the entire area. Most include admissions to local attractions, and some will also include meals, while all include a historic overview of the city.

Seasonal Tours

We have tours that happen only during the holidays or other seasons. These tours are meant to see the city and it’s attractions that happen only during certain times of the year. Keep checking back for the latest seasonal tour.


Cleveland, city of light! City of magic!
— Randy Newman

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