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Our walking tours are in many ways the best way to see the City of Cleveland. The tours are led by our local, expert guides. Each tour shows a different area of the city, and our guides will impart the history, culture and stories that made this city so unique and special.

Though our guides will delve into the history and culture, they keep it light and fun. Remember you are walking with a local who has lived here all of his or her life. The best way to experience Cleveland,is through their stories and their passion for the city. Just think of our guides as your own local friend who wants to show off the their town to you.


Join Us for A Walking Tour

Our tours go at a moderate pace, with several stops along the way, so just about everyone can enjoy seeing the highlights of the city. Please inform us if you need special accommodations on the tour.


Current Walking Tours


Highlights and History of Downtown Cleveland Tour

Cleveland is a city filled with surprises, from it’s humble beginnings to it’s heyday in the industrial age to its reach on our current culture. There is so much to see and learn, and we will hit the highlights and details of what made this city so unique on this 4 hour walking tour. The tour begins at the statue of Moses Cleaveland in Public Square. It will take place rain or shine.

$35.00 for Adults (13 and older), $30 for children


Some of the Places You Will See

  • Public Square

  • Tower City

  • Cleveland Public Library

  • Arcade

  • Gateway District

  • Playhouse Square

  • Euclid Avenue

Highlights of the Tour

  • Walk the Quadrant at Public Square

  • Visit Tower City, the Cleveland Public Library, Progressive Field and the Arcade

  • Have a snack at Playhouse Square

  • See parts of the city even the locals don’t know exists.



Cleveland’s Cultural Center Tour - University Circle, Uptown and Little Italy

Cleveland has always been immersed in culture. We have been fortunate to have a richness of the arts, education, healthcare and diversity, that few understand how deep it really goes in our city’s history. This three hour tour will touch upon those aspects of our rich cultural heritage. The tour begins at the Museum of Contemporary Art at 11400 Euclid Avenue. It will take place rain or shine.

$40 for Adults (13 and older), $35 for children


Some of the Places You Will See:

  • Little Italy

  • Uptown

  • Case Western Reserve University

  • University Circle Museums

  • Severance Hall

  • University Hospital

Highlights of the Tour

  • See Little Italy and have a snack at one of the famous bakeries

  • See Uptown

  • Learn the history of Case Western Reserve University

  • Walk Wade Oval

  • Visit the Cleveland Museum of Art

  • Visit Severance Hall

  • Understand the history of healthcare in Cleveland



An Afternoon of Museum Hopping on Cleveland’s Beautiful Waterfront

Cleveland’s waterfront is gem. It is the perfect place to spend the afternoon whether the day is bright and sunny or just a little overcast. You will take a brief tour of Cleveland’s beautiful waterfront area, where you will learn the history and get to visit and spend time in some of the city’s most popular attractions and museums.

$60.00 for Adults (13 and older), $55.00 for children (includes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Great Lakes Science Center combo admission tickets)


Some of the Places You Will See:

  • Public Hall

  • The Iconic Free Stamp

  • Burke Lakefront Airport

  • USS Cod

  • Cleveland Browns Stadium

  • The Port of Cleveland

  • The Lakefront Museum Mile.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • Visit the place where they conduct the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies when in Cleveland.

  • Learn the History of North Coast Harbor and the Port of Cleveland.

  • Learn the interesting meaning and history of the Free Stamp statue.

  • Visit Burke Lakefront Airport and the International Women’s Air and Space Museum

  • See Cleveland Browns Stadiums

  • Tour the Great Lakes Science Center which includes the IMAX theater and the NASA Visitor’s Center.

  • Tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

  • There will be great opportunities for excellent pictures throughout the tour.


Haunted and Creepy Downtown Cleveland Walking Tour

Cleveland is a lively, bright place, that definitely has a darker side. The historic buildings and streets of Downtown have their haunted and even creepy side, that is both fascinating and ripe for discovery, especially at night.

Join us for stories of ghosts and and strange, dark tales that made up Cleveland history. This walking tour will take you on a journey through the streets and building of Downtown, exploring and hunting for ghosts on this Halloween season. You will learn the strange facts that make Cleveland so interesting in the dark, and who knows maybe we will bump into a spirit or two along the way.

Tour is for ages 13 and older. $35.00 per person.

Highlights of this walking tour include:

- Visit the Downtown hotels that are noted for their spectral visitors that have never quite checked out from their stays.

- See where spirits roam around Public Square.

- Discover the most haunted buildings in Downtown Cleveland.

- Learn about the famous Playhouse Square ghost that still greets theater goers.

- Take a tour of Cleveland's oldest cemetery and see if we can meet any of the current inhabitants among the historic tombstones.

- Have fun experiencing the dark side of the city.

The tour will begin and end at Tower City and will go at a moderate pace with a few stops along the way. The tour is appropriate for ages 13 and older. Tour must have at least four people in order to operate and will only allow 25 people maximum per tour. The tour is dependent on the weather and will be cancelled if the weather is not conducive to conducting the walking tour. Any reason for cancellation on our end will result in either a full cancellation, or the chance for the guest to pick another day to attend the tour.

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