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Looking for New Activities for Your Organization, Group, Upcoming Seminar or Conference, or for one of Your Business Clients?

If you need to provide new experiences or activities for any of the above, then why not have them take one of our group or personalized business tours. We have around 60 tours to choose from. These include walking tours, full-day driving tours and half-day or short-length driving tours. Our tours are great for all ages and interests and can fit any group and nearly any budget. Below are just some of the tours that we offer groups:

  • Highlights of Downtown Cleveland or Akron

  • Chagrin Falls by Foot Tour

  • Presidents of NE Ohio Tour

  • Aviation and Space Pioneers of NE Ohio Tour

  • Sports and Sport Legends Tour

  • Amish Country Tour

  • History of the Underground Railroad in NE Ohio Tour

  • Ethnic Culture Tours (i.e. German, Hungarian, Asian, Jewish, etc.)

  • Seasonal Tours such as apple picking, holiday lights, fall colors and maple sugar festivals

  • Shop NE Ohio and visit NE Ohio Casino Tours

Our group tours are great for 5 or more people. You can plan a single tour, a variety or tours over a week (great for seminars and conferences), or if you want to plan tours throughout the year for your group or organization, then you might want to consider one of our group tour packages which will give you a 15-20% savings on our tours. If you want to tailor any tour to add places or experiences for your group, we can do that for you as well.

If you have clients that you need to entertain while they are in town for a visit, or if you need to show off the city to a client or business associate that are thinking of relocating here, we can help with that also! We will give your clients and business associates the white-glove treatment as they explore our town. We will take them on a personalized tour of the area. And these tours are tailored to your business and client’s needs.

Our aim is to make these activities and experiences as special as possible for your group, organization or clients.

For more information, fill out the form below and have one of our Group and Marketing Executives reach out to you to discuss our Group and Business Tours.

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