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If you want to be part of the tourism industry, then you might want to work with us!

We are always looking for great talent, and we are also looking to expand to other cities. Please see below for the opportunities we have available.

Sales and Marketing Executive - Full or Part-Time

We are seeking an individual with sales and marketing experience to help us grow our business. We are looking to expand into group tours and need a real go-getter who can reach out to various businesses and groups and present our tours and tour packages. This person must be passionate about the area, the industry and has the ability to reach the decision-makers. This is a 1099 commission-only position with a very generous payment and bonus structure and includes a graduated car and cell allowance depending on the sales you close each month. This is also an independent position, and the right candidate will need to be able to work on their own, from their home office and will be okay with traveling throughout the NE Ohio area and this includes not just Cleveland, but Akron, and the surrounding 9-10 counties, so reliable transportation is a must. We are okay for anyone who is looking to do this part-time. We just need someone dedicated to the mission and wants to help build our business and brand and make good money doing it.


Tour Guide - Seasonal and Part-Time Only

We are always looking for great talent. Do you love Cleveland and Northeast Ohio? Do you love history, food and showing off the city to people who know very little about it? Do you think you have what it takes to be one of our Expert Guides? If so, then we want to hear from you. We provide a competitive hourly wage, and a fun, flexible environment.

Tour Guide Manager (for new locations)

We are looking to expand Town Tours to new areas that are under-served by the tourism industry. If you live in an area or city that does not have many tour options, but has much to offer in its history, culture and activities and you would like to be the one to present these to the guests that visit your city, we would love for you to partner and work with us. We are seeking Tour Guide Managers to run these tours. To be a TGM, you will need to present and run 2-4 tours per season. This includes a variety of walking, driving, food and seasonal tours and also other excursions. We will work with you on setting up and marketing your tours. You will be a full and exclusive partner with us. We would provide you with the tools to make your tours successful, while also making a nice income and doing something you love. We are looking to expand throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and will also consider outside North America. If this sounds like something that you would like to do, then please reach out to us to learn more about becoming a Tour Guide Manager.

If you are interested in applying to any of these position, then please email your resume to, and also tell us in a few sentences why you think you would be a good candidate. Please also add one fact about Cleveland (or your city if you are applying for the TGM position) that you know, that others may not know. If we like what we see, then we will reach out to you.

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